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T'is certainly better than Tahiti

rain 25 °C

Well here we are, Day two of our Rarotongan adventure and if we are honest, we've done f### all! The beach is fantastic and right on our doorstep.. we have a cheap room and the hostel is full of backpackers.. SWEET! Only seems to be two problems at the minute... and wait for it...
1: Jet lag: led to a monster 13 hour sleep yesterday and our record bed time so far has been 9oclock.
2: The weather is a bit shoddy. No where near as bad as in Blighty (before you all laugh to yourselves!) but overcast and showery whilst still being 25 degrees. Thanks for the comment (Mothers) it shows that some people have been bothered to register (we know you have Col and Mike, but we eagerly await some input)
Sorry for the lack of visual stimuli, the hostel, being budget does not allow for the uploading of data but merely the trickle of incoming info. We will, however endeavour to put some on in Fiji (next week!)
The islands are very expensive for phone calls - $10 for three mins of calls (so we will call more when we arrive in New Zealand in a couple of weeks time.
Snorkelling has been an amazing experience for us both. We have seen some incredible fish and a multitude of slimy squelchy sluggy type things. Pol seems to have made friends with two dogs and a pair of hermit crabs whom she has affectionately named "Hermi" and "Gary"
We seem to be eating well (bread, noodles and beans) but we dont care as we dont have anything strenous to do.
thats aboot your lot for today, we probably will update again soon so keep any eye out for more adventures of pollyali..

love you all.


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Polly's view of tahiti

Y'all ready for this?!?

sunny 32 °C
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Preliminary views of Tahiti, in my opinion were "amazing." Shame it didnt last. After getting on the boat to the neighbouring island of moorea.. which was great fun (with some fantastic views) we met, by a stroke of luck, our host " Mark" from Marks paradise. He "Kindly" offered to give us a lift to our "prebooked" accomodation in his beaten up four by four. He took us to his equally beaten up shack. And when i say equally, i mean it..The "Shed" was coming out of the bottom of a tree, which in first light seemed ok... but when night came, all manner of creepy crawly type things emerged to play.
Nuff said about the accomodation. The Island of Moorea was "BORING" to say the least... i thoroughly recommend no-one goes there unless you have a sheraton gold card with gazillions of pounds in t'bank.
However in defense of the good citizens of Tahiti they were without a doubt the nicest people we have ever met. And close your ears now mother.... We HITCH-HIKED from the shed to the ferry port as there were no buses and we were damned if we were paying Mark to take us back there. This leads me on the Bill we received from the lovely Mark. The nice convenient lift he had offered, did in fact cost us 1000 cfp's.. which is about 6 pounds... wouldnt have minded if he had mentioned this at the ferry port, but he didnt so we were miffed to say the least.


We have decided to start a little game called "Who Gets Bitten The Most" present, it is 3-0 polly and every time we write, we will update for your viewing pleasure... Time to go as we only have 12 mins internet left... prelim views on Rarotonga are...


P.S... Ali agrees.

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The Weird and Wonderful World of Tahiti

sunny 24 °C
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Good morning (well it is here)all.
Arrived in Tahiti at 5.30am local time and managed (eventually!) to find a bus which took us to the port in Papeete (complete sh1t hole) and we then hopped on a ferry a small island called Mo-orea. Now before you all get the wrong impression.. its a nice place n all but its too damn expensive.. We got a dorm bed in a nice hostel called marks place..a shack in the middle of nowhere with a nice owner called (you guessed it!) MARK! Lots of big nippled dogs, leaf carrying crabs and mozzies! And worse of all.. no beaches (pol is not impressed!)
we therefore decided to depart on saturday to the cook islands where we hoped to find our fame and fortune (and maybe some cheap beer and a beach)


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Holme Farm, Rowley.........East Yorkshire

rain 15 °C

Hi all,

Nearly fooled you there..we have made it as far as sun kissed East Yorkshire...nothing to report really.. had an interesting and expensive shopping trip into the cultural hotspot that is Hull. I say cultural because 1: I dont want to offend native Hullonians and 2: Because it reminded me that my culture is by far superior to theirs. In between dodging the endless Bakery queues and resin smoking scallies, we purchased a small pharmacy worth of droogs and sun tan oil. That was about it im afraid... its 10 oclock and we are test driving Pol's dads new laptop and after 5 cans of carlsberg export its a reet experience! Off to watch the best that Rupert Murdoch has to offer.

Lots of Love n Hugs

Al n a drunken polly.


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